February 6, 2015
Startups reinventing healthcare

How startups are reinventing healthcare

Do you still loathe healthcare industry for being cut off from all the innovations going around? Does it really bother you that such immunity might repel innovators and deprive you of best patient care? If you do, this post is for you. You might agree that healthcare providers have always […]
January 30, 2015
mHealth Apps

mHealth Apps For Every Physician

If you are a physician, it is more likely that you carry a smartphone to your clinic or place of work. But have you as a medical professional explored the true potential of your calling device? Have you ever thought in what more ways your beloved smartphone could serve you? […]
January 29, 2015
2015 Healthcare IT trends

Healthcare IT trends 2015 [Infographic]

Healthcare is all set to have a major turnaround as hospitals and doctors look for ways to redefine healthcare. Emerging technologies, consumer demand and economic pressures are pushing health care into newer avenues wherein, patient engagement is taking centre stage and influencing healthcare like never before. In this infographic we […]
January 22, 2015
Mobile Applications

Why you need a mobile app for your medical practice

A practicing physician struggles to divide the role between practicing physician and  business owner i.e. delivering better patient care vs increasing patient flow and revenue. According to a recent study, business practice challenges faced by physicians are as follows: Spending sufficient time with patients 48% Keeping up with the latest […]
January 10, 2015
Hipaa Infographic

HIPAA demystified – What you need to know about HIPAA [Infographic]

As new technologies are evolving, healthcare industry has begun to move away from paper based processes and relying heavily on electronic information systems to conduct a host of clinical and administrative functions. While this definitely means that the medical workforce can be more mobile and efficient, but the rise in […]
December 31, 2014
Clinical Trials software - Vigyanix

How Do Clinical Trials Work : From Trial To Treatment [Infographic]

Clinical trials are conducted in order to gather more data regarding the safety and efficacy of a new drug or device development. There are several steps and stages of approval in the clinical trials process before a drug or device can be sold in the consumer market, if ever. Drug […]

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