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With the advent of Internet of things, technology has crossed the boundaries of imagination and is leading to a new era where nothing would be impossible for humankind. There was a day when a wrist watch was used merely for the purpose of knowing time but currently we are living in a world where watches are used for tracking workouts, reading text messages, checking weather, knowing body temperature and more. Well, if you are already had enough of this, wait, because there is a lot more to happen in the future. Today, the technology that you are wearing outside, who knows one day, you may be wearing it inside.

Wearables are everywhere now. Whether we accept it or not, most of us either already are or going to be wearing some form of wearable technology. Let’s explore how these wearables are going to be extensions to our bodies:


These normal-looking pair of earrings is actually smarter than you think. They can track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels and body temperature, providing you with vital health statistics.


Color Changing Mood T-Shirts

The smart color changing t-shirts will have the capability to monitor your physiology and display it to other people around you. What’s the benefit? Well, it could even broadcast data to your insurer, getting you discounts for feeling healthy and positive.

Color changing mood t-shirts

Smart Shoes

Smart shoes are not new but the futuristic idea is definitely. Researchers Tom Krupenkin and Ashley Taylor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison are working on a novel concept of shoes that can convert footsteps into electricity. In future, you yourself will be able to convert movement into energy that will power internal sensors and other wearable devices you are wearing. The sensors fitted in the smart shoes will warm up or cool your feet as required. They will also track your exercise and any weight changes.

smart shoes

Contact Lens Computer

While Google Glass is gradually gaining traction in the wearable industry, an advanced version of technology will approach the market soon. A Google Glass like virtual assistant will be built into future contact lenses that will let you keep your life organized. The wearable tech will analyze your tears to comprehend your emotional reactions, predict your thoughts and intentions, and respond accordingly. This will provide you what you need before you even know you need it.

contact lens computer

GPS Buttons

During the recent years, the meanings of buttons have changed. These have taken the form of small embedded GPS systems that can track your movements and learn your habits. The innovative concepts of buttons will let all your wearables react in real-time to your location. They predict where you’re about to go or make suggestions on what’s next. In case you are lost or come across a dangerous situation, your buttons will be able to contact your family or call 911 for help.

GPS buttons

You will be able to have your hands on these products as soon as they reach a point of true functionality. It may take some time but these wearable techs will definitely bring along certain features and capabilities worth your patience.

Smart Denim Jeans

The popular clothing brand Levis has partnered with search engine giant Google to offer smart denim jeans under a project named Project Jacquered. These smart Jeans will let the wearers control their phone features from the surface of the garment which means, soon you will be able to silent your phone call by just touching your jeans or remember a location of restaurant by pushing a button on your denim jacket. Isn’t it amazing?

smart denim jeans




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