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Way to a Better Lifestyle: How Smartwatches will Make us Health Smart

smartwatches uses in healthcare

smartwatch to change healthcare

The definition of healthy life has changed multifold in past few years. The concept of ‘lifestyle diseases’ has made a separate space in the medical world. Diseases  like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, are occurring more frequently than common cold. The sufferers are bound to go through regular health checkups to keep their organs going. An unexpected and sudden change in the functioning of vital organs, if left unchecked can be fatal. Along with medication, regular monitoring of the vital parameters has become a necessity.These critical scenarios have found a technological solution in form of smartwatches. These bands around the wrist are intended to help people to be aware of their well being. At the same time they provide alerts to help dealing in critical conditions. 

What Smartwatches Do to Provide You a Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping Vital Parameters Under Check: A smartwatch can monitor blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pulse rate etc. The figures just don’t help to monitor the vital attributes, but also send alarm if things don’t look fine. For example if the blood pressure levels cross a certain (high or low) threshold, then the gadgets send an alarm message. Thus the parameters are always under check. This is great gadget for the busy and stressed race of today.

smartwatch to change healthcare


Epilepsy Smartwatch: A patient of Epilepsy can get seizures untimely and anywhere. The smartwatch can provide help in such situations by alarming the caregiver. The device detects an epilepsy attack by monitoring the shaking of arms. The motion detector detects the repetitive shaking and informs the caregiver by a text message or phone call. It also records the duration of seizures.

epilepsy smartwatch


Bodybuilder’s Buddy: For the health conscious runners and ‘gymers’, these smartwatch are like buddies. They calculate the calories utilized, the distance covered while running, the number of stairs climbed and even how much sleep you had last night. The information can be transferred to smartphones or computers through Bluetooth. Along with good trainer, a smartwatch can help develop a good physic.

bodybuilder’s buddy


Next Generation Smartphones

Though it’s a recent invention smartwatches are already catching pace to upgrade themselves. Leading names like Apple are introducing smartwatch that can bring about another revolution in the field. Their smartwatches are supposed to be combination of heart rate monitor, GPS system and an accelerometer. Three healthcare devices fitted in a single band will bring about major twist in the fast paced life of today. Accessing the physiological parameters is to be the goal of next generation smartwatches. Carunda24, another name in this vertical is going a step ahead. They claim to bring a smartwatch without a cuff, which will go beyond just monitoring. The device will store the data on regular basis and transfer it to an external device for further analysis.

next generation smartphones


Made for You
The essential parameters for humans have a pre-defined range. But every person has a different physic and hence needs to be treated differently. This is true for smartwatches as well. The next generation smartwatches are to be planned for individual requirements. Key concerns of the clients will be given higher priority while designing the watch.

made for you


The Pro-active Therapy
‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the underline statement behind these gadgets. To be aware of the state of health and react accordingly is what the figures displayed on the screen of smartwatch say. The next generation smartwatches will work as a boon for everyone who needs to keep a constant watch on the physiological health and live a long healthy & happy life.


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