June 18, 2015
ICD 9 vs ICD 10

ICD 9 vs ICD 10: Things You Must Know [Infographic]

What makes ICD-10 code sets different from the existing ICD 9 codes? ICD-10 is a huge leap forward which better reflects current medical practices, updated medical terminology and improved clinical accuracy in the classification of diseases. Let us find out through this infographic what makes ICD 10 stand out and […]
June 12, 2015
mHealth apps sucessful

What Makes a mHealth App Successful? [Infographic]

With over 10,000 medical apps available today, only 28 percent of smartphone users have reported to be very satisfied with the overall mhealth app quality and experience. It might make you wonder what really makes an mHealth app successful? Let’s find out through this infographic the components of a successful […]
June 3, 2015
why transition to ICD 10 is imperative?

ICD 10 Transition Looming Large: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

Transition to ICD-10 is slated for October 2015 requiring healthcare providers, clearinghouses, payers and billing services to be prepared for this transition. Although implementation of ICD-10 is a massive shift but it is expected to help lower costs for everyone and improve the quality of care. Let’s explore through this […]
May 28, 2015
mobile apps and healthcare

A Revolution in the Making: How Mobile Applications are Evolving Healthcare [Infographic]

We are in midst of a mobile medical revolution. As the adoption rate of mobile medical applications is increasing between clinicians and consumers, medical apps are changing how patient care is delivered. From improved patient safety to better access of care, they are revolutionizing the way patients are engaged by […]
May 22, 2015
Digital health: progress and adoption

2015 Digital Health Progress and Adoption [Infographic]

Can innovations in digital health benefit healthcare? Digital health is empowering patients and helping them engage with their health in cost effective ways. Data from EHRs(electronic health records) and mHealth apps can help physicians personalize treatment, target conditions and engage patients in their care and monitor patient outcomes. Let’s explore through this […]
May 15, 2015
velos clinical trial

Velos eResearch Clinical Trials Implementation and Forms Customization

The Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC) , a leading cancer research institute based in New Orleans partnered with Vigyanix to help them implement their clinical trials effectively in Velos eResearch Application. With our extensive knowledge of Velos eResearch application and a strong background in Clinical Trials Implementation, we were confident of […]

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