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What Makes a mHealth App Successful? [Infographic]

mHealth apps sucessful

With over 10,000 medical apps available today, only 28 percent of smartphone users have reported to be very satisfied with the overall mhealth app quality and experience. It might make you wonder what really makes an mHealth app successful? Let’s find out through this infographic the components of a successful mHealth app and the pitfalls to avoid.

mHealth apps successful

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According to a recent survey 80% of doctors want patients to monitor their health at home using mHealth apps; and approximately 52% of patients said they would be comfortable using an app for consultation with their physicians. Digitisation is definitely capturing healthcare like never before. Use of mhealth app is becoming widespread with the rise in use of smartphones and other mobile technology. With several hundred thousands of health related apps vying for consumers attention today, it becomes imperative for an app to be integrated well with environment it has been designed for, have scope for interoperability of apps, provide for patient engagement and built in accordance with the applicable regulations in order to be distinguished from the rest. Healthcare sector does not function in vacuum, it has various stakeholders involved, the most important being consumers. An app can have many different  uses at the point of care like for communication, as hospital information system and much more, making it the very foundation of healthcare industry in current times.


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  1. […] Only 28% smartphone users are satisfied with the overall mhealth app quality and experience. It might make you wonder, what makes an mHealth app successful?  […]

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