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Why you need a mobile app for your medical practice

Mobile Applications

A practicing physician struggles to divide the role between practicing physician and  business owner i.e. delivering better patient care vs increasing patient flow and revenue. According to a recent study, business practice challenges faced by physicians are as follows:

  • Spending sufficient time with patients 48%
  • Keeping up with the latest research  26%
  • Improving patient care 20%
  • Utilizing health care information technology in practice 29%
  • Managing increasing new patient volumes 29%

We agree that the profession of doctors is definitely more challenging than it seems from outside.

According to a recent survey it has been estimated that more than one-third of doctors believe that they might have to leave their practice in the next one or two years, that includes 15% who are very likely to do so. The top most reason for leaving practice among all the doctors surveyed is that, it is hard to make practice profitable due to rising cost of procedures.

What is the solution then? One might ask at this point. The solution lies in leveraging mobile health apps to ensure patient safety, improve patient care, increase productivity by time management and of course eventually generate more profits.

Lets explore, why you as a doctor might need mobile applications and how well and to what extent it may help you professionally:

Be a step ahead of the competition

Many medical professionals worry about the survival and length of their practices due to changing medical regulations. Mobile apps can help doctors take proactive steps in keeping themselves updated, adapt to the changes brought in by current administration and help the practice succeed by being responsive and adhering to the regulations governing the practice.

Build a community along with your practice

Dont leave your patients isolated, especially the ones with chronic diseases as they need support and constant motivation. Having your own community can help patients to get insight into progress made in healthcare sector in general and also can keep them connected to their peers. Mobile apps can bridge the gap between physicians and patients helping in forming bonds outside the clinic space which can indirectly help business grow. In a survey, it was found that word of mouth over the internet will be an important factor in choosing a doctor by patients in the years to come.

Be a lifesaver on job and off it

Accidental omission of any medication can have severe consequences for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Mobile apps can help patients know when to take a particular medicine and the dosage required. It can also help physicians know that correct medication was taken and they can come up with a new treatment plan within few minutes that can be uploaded for patients to follow. Medical reminders are a cost effective way of keeping patients engaged with their treatment. Also, a mobile application saves physicians time as they practically can manage their practice on the go,  cutting down administrative and patient monitoring costs.

Communicate using secure channel

Most patients are apprehensive of the mode of communication being used by physicians, as highly sensitive information about patient health is transmitted. There is a possibility of the information being leaked which can lead to huge penalty being imposed on doctors causing financial as well as professional loss. Mobile apps that are HIPAA compliant not only can save you from penalties but also can help in gaining patients trust in the long run.

Schedule appointments, manage time

According to a recent research 85% patients have shown interest in being able to request and schedule an appointment directly from an app. As a physician having an app to schedule patients appointment can save you administrative costs as well as help you in managing your practice well. Mobile applications can help you to keep a track of vacant time slots wherein new appointments can be made, facilitating effective time management.

Easyshare makes your work simple

As a doctor you might want to share lab results with patients and also receive the test results instantly as an when it is out. Mobile apps can enable patients and doctors to share test results instantly over smartphones, bringing in convenience and saving lot of time as there is no need for patients to have special appointments to check or discuss lab results.

Record communication, serve /connect better

Its common for patients to black out or miss out a portion of the conversation they have with doctors, as lot of information flows in a very short span of time. Having recordings of communication can help both physician as well as patients to use it as a reference for next appointment and also to follow current treatment plan. HIPAA compliant mobile apps can facilitate secure recording as well as storage of voice conversations between patients and physicians. It can help reduce mistakes and increase productivity, as records can be maintained over a secure system without the need for filling long forms.

Increasing practice efficiency has been identified as the topmost focus area for physicians over the coming years. Mobile platforms, mobile apps in particular have the potential to redefine how successful you will be as a medical practitioner in the years to come. How well you adapt and explore the technology at hand can set the course for you, keep you in competition and eventually generate more profits. Mobile apps are sure to alter the traditional form of doctor patient relationship.



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