welcome ICD 10 with a smile 8 tips for smoother transition
Welcome ICD-10 with a smile : 8 Tips for Smoother Transition
August 18, 2015
wearable technology is the future in personalized medicine
Why Wearable Technology is the Future in Personalized Medicine [Infographic]
August 26, 2015
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From Watch to Smart Health Watch: Healthier lifestyle or fad? [Infographic]

smartwatches keeping a close watch on our health

Wearables are almost becoming extension to our body.  From obtrusive wearables i.e. Google Glass  to almost invisible sensors, they are penetrating our lives like never before. Smartwatches have enjoyed tremendous adoption than the other wearables devices, primarily because they mesh rights into our everyday life. Who would have thought that these gorgeous wrist accessories could do anything beyond timekeeping?  From offering capabilities more than your smartphone, replacing fitness tracking bands, they are increasingly being used as an aid to  manage and treat chronic diseases.

smartwatches keeping a close watch on our health

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Is this really a revolution or  a passing fad? What possibilities excites you the most.

 Over to you!



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