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Why Wearable Technology is the Future in Personalized Medicine [Infographic]

wearable technology is the future in personalized medicine

Lisa is an executive who travels for her work constantly. Lisa has a very important meeting tomorrow but she is not feeling right so she decides to rest. While she is asleep, her body sensors detects some pathogens in her body. Sensors do a full body scan to measure her temperature, heart rate, oximetry, blood pressure and check with her personal health records to detect any abnormality. Sensors figure out the best plan to get rid of  of those foreign bodies and remove them. Lisa wakes up perfectly fine and ready to take on day’s challenges. All fixed in a flash!!. If you think this is science fiction, think again.  This is the future of healthcare and is already shaping right in front of our eyes.

Would you have imagined 10 years ago that a watch that not only tell you the time, but can read your messages, track your activity, measure vitals, inform our physician and always remain connected to your personal health file without you even lifting a finger? We wear them in different forms but these obtrusive wearables would become unobtrusive in the form of jewelry, clothing, accessories and embeddable chips.

Let’s look at the current landscape of wearable technology and how it is evolving to deliver better patient outcomes.

wearable technology is the future in personalized medicine

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In next 5 years, wearables will shift from Novelty to Norm. Wearables will disappear while the market will expand.  What do you think? Do you believe in wearable technology? Feel free to leave  us your comments.


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