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How Google is Revolutionizing Healthcare [Infographic]

oogle is revolutionizing healthcare

“The regulatory challenges are just too great to warrant serious investment” pretty much encompasses Google’ founder’ view of healthcare. But Google’ interest and investment in healthcare in past couple years tells a different story.  Google ventures, Google’s venture capital arm invested more than one third of its investment money in healthcare and life sciences in 2014, an astonishing 9% increase from last two years. With its mission  to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” and big data prowess, Google can truly make healthcare visions a reality. Lets explore through this infographic how Google is revolutionizing healthcare through breakthrough inventions in digital technology.

google is revolutionizing healthcare -Infographic

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Google is shifting its focus from internet startups to healthcare startups and investing major share of its investment in healthcare technology innovation. Call it a giant leap or an ambitious big move but Google is all set to make the world information useful to save millions of lives. Be it genomics, cancer research, fitness, Google glass, smart contact lenses or a computer that mimics human brain, Google is bringing innovation and transforming healthcare like never before.


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