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How Building an App Can Grow Your Business

9 points that can help grow your app business

Are you still living with the thought that mobile apps are only for big brands?

If so, read on…

Even small businesses are going mobile and building apps. If you don’t believe this, search for the app of the small flower shop down the corner of your street. Did you find it? Is it surprising? No it’s not.

Businesses are going mobile despite their size, age or sector. Mobile strategy is no longer restricted to having only a responsive website, since marketing is taking the center stage. Customer engagement is given the higher priority, which makes having an app for your business imperative.

In case you are still doubtful about building an app for your business, here are 9 benefits that might convince you to get one for yours:

Stay in touch 

An app makes it convenient for your customers to connect with you. Staying in touch with your customers, focusing on their needs and taking positive steps to work on the feedback provided will bring in loyalty of your customers.

81% of companies delivering excellent customer experience are likely to outperform their competition

If you have any ongoing offers or any information for your customers, an app can help you reach out to them in no time and with ease.

29% of app users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons
Conduct real business 

An app can help bring what customers love the most— convenience. It makes ordering from anywhere and anytime possible while saving both the time and effort. Apps also make it easy for you and your consumers to track orders in order to avoid delays and confusion.

2.3 million customers have made a purchase on their devices
Create your brand 

With your app on your customers’ mobile phone at all times, your business logo and slogan would stand out from your competitors, who are yet to adopt the app strategy.

64% of app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favorably
24/7 Advantage 

If you offer exceptional customer service, your products and services will be much preferred and sought after than your competitors. With the use of apps, a 24/7 environment is made where businesses and customers can interact no matter the time of the day.

66% of customers would spend an average of 13% more for excellent customer service
Marketing Tool

If you haven’t thought of it as a marketing tool yet, its time to do so. Mobile apps can be integrated with social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. With a single click, your customers can share your app and give feedback about your business to a large section of people, which can help you get publicity for free. Read more about how to market your app.

47% of consumers share information about service experience on social media
New customers

It’s a mobile generation. With over 46M mobile applications being downloaded every day from apple’s app store, the addiction to phones becomes evident. Building an app for your business lets you tap on this explosion and reach out to new customers worldwide. If your app is saving time, effort and bringing in convenience, it will be a hit among the masses.

Average smartphone user currently have 41 apps downloaded on their smartphone
Lasting connection

Apps will help you build long lasting connections with your customers without bothering them with phone calls, banners, newspaper & flyers etc. Having a loyal customer base is crucial for any business to survive in the long run. Apps help you build that lasting relationship with customers by reaching out to them.

It is 6 times more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain current one
Global reach

Apps can let you have global presence. You can reach out to a wider customer base without having to create a business setup at multiple locations. Having a website does help but, mobile apps brings in (user experience) that is exceptional.

25% of international media and marketing executives see mobile as the most disruptive force in their industry

If you are yet to reap in the benefits of having an app for your business, get one built today. No matter what stage your business is in, its time to catch up with technology. Don’t lose out to your competition, step up and go mobile with an app.




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