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September 15, 2015
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How Does Medical Billing Work? [Infographic]

9 steps to medical billing process

One of the user of our Medical Lookups service asked us this question — “How does medical billing works?“. We couldn’t think of a better way to answer this than to create a visual infographic to describe the process.  

Medical billing & coding are both indispensable components of healthcare. Without either, healthcare providers would have a tough time getting paid for the services rendered. Medical billing is the process of billing patients and insurance companies for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The medical billing process starts with communication between healthcare provider and insurance Co., as soon as the patient checks in and continues through billing and collection process. Perhaps it might seem complicated to many of us, but the medical billing process can actually be completed in 9 simple steps. Let’s learn more about the steps involved in medical billing and also the difference between medical billing and medical coding.

9 steps to medical billing process

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Though as complex and complicated medical billing and coding might seem like for non-healthcare professional but healthcare professionals got it like back of their hand.


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