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May 1, 2015
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Healthcare and Big Data: Match Made in Heaven? [Infographic]

big data

What is big data analytics? How can healthcare benefit from it? These & many more questions surrounding big data analytics can be answered by recognizing the increasing digitization of health in the recent times . Let us explore through this infographic how big data analytics is proving beneficial to health care and what are the motivating factors driving analytics?

healthcare and big data

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Health Care is not what it used to be few years back, digitization has engulfed it completely, it is generating new insights and transforming healthcare like never before. Data from wireless, wearable devices, EHR systems and other digital devices is expected to flood insurers and providers by 2019. This data could be effectively used as a resource for deriving insights for improving patient care through reduced readmission rates, improved overall health outcomes and help lower costs in the years to come.

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