What You Need to Know About Meaningful use
What You Need to Know About Meaningful Use Stage 1 [Infographic]
February 20, 2015
meaningful use stage 2 infographic
What You Need to Know About Meaningful Use Stage 2 [Infographic]
March 2, 2015
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13 Core Objectives to Achieve Meaningful Use Stage 1 [Infographic]

meaningful use stage 1

Do you plan to attain meaningful use status in order to receive EHR incentives? Let’s explore through this infographic, the 13 core objectives that must be met in order to attain Meaningful Use Stage 1.

The EHR Incentive program provides financial incentives to participating professionals for using certified electronic health records (EHRs) to improve patient care. Stage 1 is the first phase of EHR incentive program that emphasizes on data capturing and sharing. The program details core objectives as well as menu objectives that needs to be met in order to receive incentive under meaningful use. Failure to meet even one of these core objectives can disqualify an eligible participant from receiving any incentive. Let’s go through these core objectives in detail :

core objectives meaningful use stage 1

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