Danger Assessment Dashboard

Everyone deserves to be safe and healthy in their relationship, including when a relationship ends. Danger assessment healthcare app enables you or your loved ones seek professional help if at risk. We built a custom design to walk users through a carefully designed assessment and to provide resources to get help. An intelligent algorithm provides application user an assessment, research based score and set of resources to seek help.

Privacy & Security

Due to sensitive nature of the application, we had to make sure that we implement access control without the need of a username and password. We authenticated users with their device as userId and passcode as password. We also enabled the app to disable itself after first use.

Danger Assessment

User is presented with a customized questionnaire to determine the risk level. We implemented algorithm to determine user's appropriate flow based on gender, age, risk level and previous question's response.

Assessment Results

Once assessment is completed, user' risk level is calculated using an algorithm which is based on years of research that identified which risk factors are most common when abusive relationships lead to detrimental outcomes. We implemented the logic and and set of APIs to calculate risk level and generate a custom score.

Resources & Help

User is encouraged to seek professional help and set of help resources are provided. We implemented live chat, ability to call directly from the application to enable user to get immediate help.

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