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December 10, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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Volume to Value: Companies Disrupting Healthcare Delivery [Infographic]

companies leading the way in digital health

As the healthcare sector goes through a massive shift to “value based care”, digital health is enabling breadth of companies to innovate and deliver solutions to fundamentally change the way we receive primary, preventive and personalized care. From mHealth applications to personal diagnostics products, health startups solutions are changing the way care is delivered. Let’s explore some of these companies which are contributing to future of healthcare.

companies that are transforming healthcare infographic

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After lagging behind for over five decades, healthcare has now grown into world’s largest industry today. It is transforming and innovating itself at a much greater pace than any other industry. As the healthcare sector undergoes a fundamental shift towards patient centric care, more and more organizations are stepping up with new innovations to radically transform the healthcare industry. With activity tracking smart watches to biometric shirts capable of measuring body parameters, healthcare industry is sure taking a plunge into the world of innovation.



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