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Prevention over Treatment: 7 Healthcare Startups Leading the Revolution [Infographic]

preventive care startups

Already a $3 trillion dollar industry in the United States, Healthcare is the attraction new companies are vying for to set ground in the market.

Nearly 133 million Americans are suffering from one or more long-term health conditions that gulp up almost 75% of the nation’s total health expenditure. Although most of these conditions are preventable but more is being spent on treatment rather than prevention.

Affordable Care Act has brought the attention back to prevention and has given a way to new startups in an effort to make PREVENTIVE CARE more accessible and affordable for all Americans.

Let us look at the following infographics for an in-depth review of startups trying to make an impact in the preventive care industry:

Preventive care healthcare startups

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With preventive measures outperforming the treatment services in promoting healthy living to saving lives, we are seeing a range of startups stepping in this nascent preventative care industry.

Healthcare focus is shifting from old treatment services to innovative technologies that welcome a new generation of preventive medicine and methodologies.

This disruption in healthcare is challenging the status quo and changing how care would be delivered and these startups are the future of preventive care !


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