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How Mobile Phones are Keeping us Healthy

gamified healthcare apps that will keep you fit

Would you believe if someone told you that smartphones are actually keeping us healthy? Who imagined that one day we would use our smartphones to know the calories we burn? Time has passed since being healthy required us to sit back and relax until there was something serious to be worried about. Now with healthcare apps in the market, maintaining a good shape isn’t a lot of work.

Games are known to be fun and addicting; so the more the merrier. They are an interesting way to keep people engaged, motivated and on task. Slowly but steadily healthcare apps are  illuminating the potential of gamification by keeping users fixated as well as motivated in following certain health care regimen, such as taking medication on time or losing weight by keeping tabs on calories. In this post we have listed 5 healthcare apps that we believe to be influencing enough to keep you addicted to your health.


count your calories for a healthier lifestyle

Calorie counter : ­​Introduced by MyFitnessPal Inc. features a calorie calculator designed to help users with healthy weight loss by consistently keeping track of their diet and exercise This app has the largest food database of any Android calorie counter with over 5,000,000 foods. So it can help you to log the food you take and track your diet It is fast, reliable and easy.


fitbit help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep

Fitbit­​​ :  An app designed to stay active, eat better, manage weight, and sleep better. As the description says it all, there is no need to describe what the app strives for. It’s sleeping segment, however, is what makes it different from Calorie counter as it addresses one of the major health issues; sleep patterns/deprivation. It helps you keep track of your daily goals and progress made over time for steps, distance and calories burned. GPS is an additional feature used to keep track of runs, walks and hikes.


mango health helps you manage your medications and take care of yourself

Mango Health :  An app that helps you manage your medication. Its features include doze reminders, drug interaction info, a health history and a points and rewards system for taking medication. Its user friendly nature ensures that you take the correct dose on time.


get an amazing workout in just 7 Minutes

7 minute workout :  ​The app is designed specifically for cardio and has successfully received over a 3,000,000 users while being fourth on the top grossing list.  The application is quite beneficial as it targets weight loss with improved cardiovascular function.  Although, what seems to be getting the users’ attention is that the application consists of 12 workouts all within 7 minutes. The short time frame lets users easily pull back from their daily schedule to swoop in a cardio workout, that does not consume time and provides efficiency.


water your body helps you to determine how many water your body need everyday by enter current weight

Water Your Body : It’s an application that demands significance just from it’s name. As drinking water is a necessary credential to remaining healthy, the app enables users to record and be reminded to drink water. Irregularity in water isn’t healthy but is most common. The app tackles that situation by building a tracker as well as a reminder. Therefore, it does not only keep users healthy by keeping them hydrated, but also fit as drinking water leads to losing weight.

Technology is changing the face of healthcare as the focus is now moving towards preventative care. With the help of gamification, it is now possible to have fun while developing a healthy lifestyle,  by preventing diseases and disorders before its too late. Gamification of health care has the potential to positively change daily behaviors, and provide a new outlook to prevention of diseases and disorders in the long run. These apps have managed to reach out to people on a much larger scale. Their features outline their excellent services and promise desired results.

Staying fit and healthy never looked this much fun.


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