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Mobile Health: Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care [Infographic]

mobile health to connected health: trends shaping future of healthcare

Mobile technology has touched upon every aspect of our lives. We use our mobile devices to communicate, socialize, take pictures, and now manage our health.  Mobile health (mHealth) —  practicing, delivering, managing health via mobile devices — has enabled providers, patients and whole healthcare system to bring connected health to a scale. The right information in right hands at the right time, continuous monitoring, shared decision making in context has brought the attention back to the patient.

Mobile health applications, internet of things (IOT), wearables, kiosks, are part of ever growing mobile ecosystem that aims to improve the well-being of population health, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of health care.  With over 165,000 mHealth applications available on mobile devices, patients are taking their health into their hands. 52% of mobile consumers use their smartphones to browse health related information now. Even physicians aren’t far behind with 42% adopting mobile health to improve quality and continuity of care. And the numbers are bound to grow in the coming years.

Let’s explore the following infographic to learn how these emerging mobile health trends are shaping the present and the future of health care

mobile health to connected health: trends shaping future of healthcare

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Mobile technology is bound to play an ever-larger role in healthcare. With 2016 bringing in even more promising health care apps and IoT advancements, there is no doubt that mobile will be the platform of choice for the patients and the providers, increasing the patient engagement and reducing the care cost.


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