How Mobile Technology is Transforming Health Care
November 12, 2014
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December 31, 2014
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How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market

It is estimated that by end of 2017, half of the world’s 3.39 billion smartphones would have  some type of medical application installed. With the hardware manufactures throwing their weight around wearables and mobile sensors , wearable sensor market is set to double in 2015 in terms of units shipped and the market for wearable equipment will move to 135 million units shipped by 2019.

The market forecasts show huge potential for mobile sensor technology and its no longer a device for the affluent or gadget freaks it has now become a necessity. Here is how mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market.


 How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market Paving way for personalized medication

By personalized care, we mean wearable mobile sensor based technology that can monitor movement, collect biometric data and provide timely feedback to wearers. How often have we wished for our physician to be around, to monitor our health and give an assurance – All is well. The idea behind invention of wearable sensors was to counter the gap between physician and patients, due to geographical distance, cost constraints and shortage of resources. New age wearable mobile sensors are capable of monitoring all the vital functions of body instantly leading to timely diagnosis of chronic diseases.

As more sensors are being launched in the market in shape of watches, Glass and wristbands, Innovative technology are being developed i.e. edible microchips , nanotechnology enabled sensors which are poised to make healthcare a more personalized experience for users as well as physicians, leading to fast, reliable and detailed diagnosis of chronic diseases.


How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market Making Fitness a healthy habit

Fitness apparels with sensors are now in great demand, hence efforts are being made to make sensor based fitness wearables more user friendly, comfortable and cost effective. From shoes capable of measuring distance covered, to apparels that measure heart rate. At present market is flooded with sensor based fitness wearables, due to its huge success among the masses.

A popular alternative use of wearables have now come up, that of helping athletes study the impact of injury during sports and further improve equipment designs.Though the most popular use of wearable mobile sensors still remains that of fitness and health monitoring, which can be combined with online fitness programs to further motivate, provoke and set small achievable goals for its users.


How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market Systematic analysis leading to instant diagnosis

Widespread use of wearable mobile sensor leads to huge data generation, data so collected is not of much help, unless its converted into some meaningful and relevant information.Hence, it becomes imperative to Analyse data from users perspective focussing on their state of health supported by remedial measures.

As success of any sensor based mobile device is dependent on its acceptance by users. Having a proper learning methodology in place is crucial to keep wearers engaged, building a lasting relationship like that we have with our physicians. Thoughtful development in data analysis techniques can lead to increased user participation, helping in real time diagnosis.


How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market Patient safety-taking charge of your health

There is immense scope for sensor based mobile technology to transform into a full fledged safety device, that not only provides post hospital care to recently discharged patients but also assists patients who are suffering from chronic diseases and also elderly people who stay alone at home.

As a safety device it can serve users by monitoring even the slightest change in diet, dosage or care. Patients with major complications can rely on these sensors as they come loaded with automatic call for help feature that gets activated in case of any emergency . Hence, today’s sensor based mobile technology is fully equipped to take complete care of users safety.


How mobile sensors are going to disrupt the healthcare market Clinical trials a huge opportunity beholds

Clinical trials involves lot of research , thousands of participants and loads of data being generated. We believe that wearable mobile sensors can come in handy in every phase of clinical trials specially as a device to effectively monitor the patients health 24/7.

 One of the reasons why aesthetically designed wearable skin patches are increasingly becoming popular as health monitoring devices during clinical trials, is due to its ease of use, accurate data collection and prompt analysis.

Through the use of mobile sensor technology clinical trial process can be simplified, made technology ready and be more physician and patient friendly, leading to better diagnosis.

People from all walks of life who wish to have access to advanced healthcare features, freedom from geographical limitations and have better understanding of their health can benefit from the next generation wearable mobile sensors being developed, aimed at improving quality of life.


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    Mobile Sensing Technology has brought revolutionary changes in the health care department. Now a days, there are so many wearable gadgets available in the market which are very effective in improving our health easily. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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