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Future of Medical Research: Apple Research Kit & Google Study Kit [Infographic]

apple's researchkit and google's studykit

Medical research has since long been plagued with health care information that is either inconsistent or not of the quality needed for any research. But with technology giants like Apple and Google stepping in into healthcare sector, health innovation and research is now possible with volunteers joining medical research with the touch of their phone; providing valuable insights about their health on a consistent basis is now easy. Let’s learn more about apple’s research kit and google’s study kit and know how it’s helping medical research.

apple's researchkit and google's studykit

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One of the biggest obstacle to any scientific research is recruiting volunteers, collecting samples in a large scale so as to get diverse data, leading to detailed and accurate study. Apple’s research kit and google’s study kit aim to simplify healthcare research providing people with a platform that is, unlike other conventional methods controlled by them to volunteer and share their healthcare data on a continuous basis to advance medical studies and research.


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